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The plastering machine is also called sprayer, spray pump, shotcrete machine, etc. This series of plastering machines is a new energy-saving and environment-friendly construction machine, which is developed and improved by advanced German technology. With our perfect design and outstanding technology, we have produced this series of reliable, highly adaptable, durable and simple spraying units, which have been well received by friends from all walks of life and supported and promoted by the leaders.

  Today, there are many CS insulation boards, SB boards, polystyrene boards, polystyrene board and other sound insulation systems. It is easy to handle these halftone mortar surfaces with this machine, while achieving good rigidity and good adhesion without empty drums and cracks. However, if the treatment is with manual, it will be difficult, at the same time, to make low rigidity and bonding strength, usually leading to empty drums, cracks, etc.

Technical Parameter:


N2    semi-automatic





Delivery    capacity


Delivery    pressure


Delivery    distance


                                     Delivery    height


Maximum    aggregate diameter


Hopper    capacity


Maximum    length of delivery hose




CTN’s    Dimension


Mortar sprayer features:

The rapid mortar spraying machine has reasonable design, integrated pump and compressor, and convenient movement.

Screw mortar spraying machine continuously feeds, no pulsation

Spraying machine is suitable for wide mortar, can spray dry powder, mortar, mortar can also be sprayed ordinary

The mortar spraying machine is evenly sprayed, with strong adhesion and complete functions. The spray of ING guns and nozzles is connected in any direction and is easy to operate.


Applicable materials: 

ordinary mortar, thermal insulation mortar, dry mixed mortar, crack resistant mortar, interface agent, construction glue, adhesive, fire resistant material, epoxy coating, etc.

Applicable to construction projects:

Mask, general mortar rendering, halftone coating, terrace grouting, fire and corrosion resistant coatings, some high density coatings, etc.



Operation process:

  1. After turning on the machine, keep the pump running for 2-5 minutes (heating the grease to make the pump work normally), then add the mixture of water and cement to the hopper (lubricating hose), then add normal materials to start working.

  2. After completing the work, the machine should be cleaned. Use water to remove material from the hopper until the clean water flows out. Then remove the hose and finally suspend the hose vertically and clean the sand on the inside surface of the hose with clean water.

  Note: When starting the machine, first turn on the air pump and then open the material; but when the machine is turned off, if the air vent of the gun is blocked, the material should be stopped on the air pump first.


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