Full Autpmatic Dry Mortar Batching Plant mainly produces premixed dry mortar and special dry mortar.The whole mortar production line includes:Mixing machine,Drying system,Screening system,Measuring system,Bulk and Packing syatem,Dedusting system,Electrical syatem and Spot agitation tank.

Dry Mix Mortar Raw Materials

1.  Cementing material: cement, lime, plaster.
2.  Aggregate: yellow sand, quartz sand, limestone, dolomite, expanded perlite etc.
3.  Mineral admixture: industrial byproduct, industrial slag, fly ash, pozzolana, fine silica powder etc.
4.  Water-retention and thickening material.
5.  Chemical additives.


>Advanced design concept,with high production efficiency.
>High configuration and low failure rate.
>With special fault self-diagnosis system.
>High intelligent and modula design,with easy and quick installation.
>High efficiency dust collecting system,energy conservation and environmental protection.

10-80 TFull Automatic Dry mortar plant Features:
1. Special design for Construction Project;
2. Easy operate;
3. Convenient structures for disassembly;
4. Super property and low production cost;
5. Less space demand;
6.Full -automatic electric operation with PLC/PC control;
7.Electrical weighing system;
8.Twin shaft forced mixing system.
9.Operate Person:3-4 workers
Our Services:

1.Provide professional staff training for customers
2.Service engineer offers spot training and production line operation manual.
3.After-sales personnel visit customers on a regular basis.
4.Design engineer provides professional service for customers for free.
5.Guarantee Period is 12 months(excluding wearing parts)
6.Shipment: All machines need to be loaded into 2*40HC Containers.
7.Packing: Nude Packing and Wooden Packing

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